Thad's Second Life

Thadicus Caligari's Notes on Second Life

I am Thadicus Caligari, builder and tinkerer in Second Life(R).

I mainly make vehicles and costumes but have been known to build almost anything in the game from time to time.  I am good at building but only can modify scripts as I am not a serious programmer.

At this time I am mainly building and selling costumes/accessories in world.   I  have a shop in Steelhead and listings on Marketplace.  I have been known to make custom items for promotions or advertising.

This site came about when I needed a place to house my handy links and keep a link to a "Hints and Tips" pdf I wrote for new users.  This hints file will have additions as time goes on.   Feel free to point new users here for links to good tutorials and information. 

 The new avatar creation how to will walk you through creating an avatar using the Oxbridge University Caledon new user tutorial site which is one of the best for learning what to do in Second Life(R).